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Pretty Girls in Pretty Skirts

"If it makes you feel beautiful, do it.” ~ Unknown

Like wearing pretty skirts
Can you believe it's already May and we're still stuck in the house? I can and I don't plan on going out any time soon. But we'll discuss that another time. 
Let's get into this skirt from Shein! So far this is one of my favorite pieces I have purchased from them. I'm a collector of skirts and I knew I wanted this in my collection. It's so different from all my other ones. I love the fun pattern and colors!  I decided to go for a mixed pattern for the top, I mean why not? Finished the look with a nude pump. This skirt is perfect for Spring!

Skirt cost - $10 Size - 3x
Happy Friday loves!

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Last Minute

Have you ever tried to cram in those last winter outfits before it starts getting warm? Maybe its only me lol but no matter what i always procrastinate in winter and always think "oh I have plenty of time to wear that" but then days go by and BAM its almost Spring! Then I start to think "I haven't worn this or that and its about to be warm" then I get in panic mode hoping there is a slightly cold day Lol
Let's just say this was one of those last minute winter outfits. I've been putting this one off for quite some time (not sure why) but I finally made it happen. I really loved this outfit. Its simpe black and white but it has a pop of yellow, and then some prints. I love how everything came together. 
I hope you're having a fabulous day! 

Keke's Other Picks…

#OOTD 1(Nephew Birthday Party)


My nephew recently turned 2! He had an awesome birthday party. 
For his party I knew I wanted a FUN #OOTD. I had this idea in my head and executed it. I knew I wanted some sort of graphic tee so I was happy to find this tee at Rue21 on clearance for $5.00. I still wanted to show my girly side with the tee so I went with this cute pink skirt and pink tights. If I had pink boots I would've worn those too lol but I don't so black had to do. I felt so vibrant and happy in this outfit. I recieved several compliments on this outfit! I had a great time at my nephew's party and he wanted to join in on the fun as I was shooting my pics for the blog. He ran right up to me for me to pick him up lol So he is also making an appearance on the blog today. 

Blushing Valentine

You knew I wasn't going to leave you hanging with just a LBD for V-day right? Of course not. There has to be some form of pink somewhere. And this blush dress from Shein is perfect! I love the ruffle detail on the sleeve and the bow tie! I loved the nude against the blush! So pull out the blush dress that's collecting dust in your Kloset and put on those nude pumps! I hope I given you some inspo for vday. Let me know what you plan to wear and also what are your plans? Me and my boo (let's call him Mr. D )already did our thing for Valentine's last weekend. We did a mini getaway and just enjoyed each other :)

Valentines LBD

Hey loves! I know it's been a while since I posted. Lets just say a lot has been going on but nevertheless I'm back with a post just in time for Valentines. So lets jump right in!

I never thought of wearing a LBD for Valentines. Don't get me wrong I still love my pink and red but I wanted something different this year. I found the perfect LBD for Valentines. Its a sexy dress that shows off those sexy legs and a little cleavage never hurt nobody. But my favorite part of the dress is the heart cutout in the back. I instantly thought of Valentine's day. This dress is no longer available but I found some other sexy options for you. 

Keke's Other Picks

Birthday Lunch Party for Under $100.00

Let's jump right in! I wanted to host a small birthday lunch at my house with just with my family. I didn't want to do the typical "go out to eat" so I decided to do this instead and I'm glad I did! It was great!
Being on a budget my plan was to stay under $100 and I did just that! Let me tell you how!
Decor - All decorations came from I order everything on Cyber Monday and got an extra 10% off.  The cake stand and cylinders I actually made myself using items from the Dollar General. 
Total $27

Cake -  I ordered my cake from a local bakery It was a butter pecan cake with cream cheese frosting! It was delicious.
Total $27

Food - For the food I wanted something simple but still filling. I decided to make homemade chicken and shrimp alfredo with a salad and bread. Everyone enjoyed the meal and even went back for seconds! Now that's a good sign. I had most of the items to make it so I didn't spend much on the…

True Apostle

Weekend Recap 1
 I helped my sister with her amazing pre-launch of her Christian apparel line True Apostle. I'm wearing one of the tshirts "His Grace keeps me Gorgeous". The event was a success and also so much fun! Everyone loved her shirts! I'm super duper proud of her! I know this is only the beginning and God has so much in store for her! The launch of her official website to place orders will be 1/13/20. But for now you can place orders through me!